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eLearning platform


  • AWS
  • Javascript
  • MySQL
  • PHP


Asofarma is a leading private pharmaceutical company, with a presence throughout the Central America and Caribbean community. The company develops, manufactures, and markets innovative products of high standards that help improve the quality of life for patients and their families. Asofarma is constantly seeking development and limitless growth to contribute to the communities where it operates.


For Asofarma Central America and the Caribbean, we were tasked with creating an eLearning platform, a space for professional learning and updating. To accomplish this project, we developed a platform with different modules. Its functionality allowed users to register and access presentations delivered by various instructors. Each instructor uploaded their materials, which students could access and download to complete the diploma program. After passing all modules, students could quickly and easily download their diploma.

This platform integrated all the necessary tools to provide an optimal learning experience for students. Additionally, it included notes, videos, an evaluation system, diploma exportation, and access to consultations with instructors. Upon course completion, statistics on grades across all courses and students were imported.



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